Music Makers Find a Home at Tucker Recreation

Most people know Tucker Recreation Center as a place where you can go for pottery, gymnastics, meditation, education. But did you know it’s also a place where you can go to record an album?

Right in the heart of the Recreation Center is Dlanor Studios, a fully functioning recording studio where aspiring singers, musicians and broadcasters are plying their trade each and every day. The studio is run by Ronald Holmes, a former college football player who worked on the business side of the National Football League for a time. Once he left football, Holmes focused his efforts on another passion: music.

“I got interested in the music industry because of what was happening digitally,” Holmes recalls. “I started a digital distribution company (Eidol Music) producing audio and music for writers, rappers, singers and storytellers.”

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that Holmes came across his current studio space at Tucker Recreation Center.

“My daughter was doing gymnastics (at the Rec Center) and they showed me a storage closet,” he remembers. “We’re starting small, but don’t despise humble beginnings.”

Once Holmes signed on to set up a studio in the Rec Center, he got a group from Mountain West Church to come in on a service day and clean out and paint the closet. He then made a trip to Handy Ace Hardware for the wood to build a recording booth. He finished it off with foam from old mattresses for the soundproofing.

The first studio session happened in April of 2017 and the customer base has been building ever since.

“My daughters and I recorded a song there earlier this year,” says Bettie Hall. “The experience was awesome.”

Holmes says he’s working with a lot of talented people, everyone from singers to podcasters, but he’s only just scratching the surface.

“I want to branch into films,” Holmes says, adding he has his eyes on other producers like Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry. “I see the studio as a factory for music and audio for my distribution company. If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to start somewhere.”

Starting here in Tucker seems to have been the right move for Dlanor Studios. To learn more about the operation, go to EIDOLMUSIC.COM

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